Radio ads are an effective, low-cost medium through which a business can reach a target consumer. Radio creates emotional reactions in listeners and, in turn, consumers perceive your advert as being more relevant to them personally. This leads to increased market awareness, sales and service uptakes – anyone from school children to financial directors could be humming the name of your brand.

Radio Advertising in India:

Radio has been among one of the cheapest mode of infotainment in India for a very long time. Radio broadcasted to almost 99% of the population of India. India’s first private FM radio station was Radio City Bangalore, which was launched on July 3, 2001. Till 2016 there were 243 private FM Channels operating in 86 cities of India and these channels were covering 26 states and three union territories. Government of India did organize the third phase of auction in 2016 and with the help of it they were expecting to expand to 294 cities with 835 channels. Some of the popular private FM channels in India are Radio City, Radio Mirchi, BIG FM, RED FM, FEVER FM, Mantra and My FM. And the larger radio markets in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. New innovations and technologies increased scope in internet, satellite and community radio which will create new opportunities in radio advertising. As of now, community radio is free from advertising.

FM Radio Advertising Deliverables:

There are lots of deliverables or properties in Radio advertising. Jingle advertising, RJ mention, Sponsorship Tags, Radio Contest, Time Check, Traffic updates, OB links, Testimonials, Studio Shift, Roadblock & Property tag are some of them. Aduniverse Media LLP could make and execute any other kind of radio property as well according to the advertising campaign of any client.

Aduniverse Media LLP- A Pan India Radio Advertising Agency

Aduniverse Media LLP is among the best FM Radio Advertising Agency in India. We can advertise in almost every FM radio channel all across India. With our exclusive tie up across all private FM channels, our clients could be assured of best FM Radio Advertising rates. You could contact Aduniverse Media LLP, a PAN India radio advertising agency either through email or calling us at 9911067461. We also facilitate our FM radio advertisers to get their radio slot recorded for no cost.

Advantages and Best Practices of Radio Advertising:

  1. FM radio advertising is best for local targeting. By airing an ad on any particular FM radio channel one could reach out to a particular city. For example if a brand want to target only Delhi NCR, it can choose any two or three top FM radio channels to target its audience.
  2. FM radio advertising is economic in comparison to other advertising options. As it costs one of the lowest per reach, advertisers could increase the frequency to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
  3. As the cost of production of jingles or creative is very nominal, Media planners could use multiple creatives or jingles in a single radio advertising campaign to get the best result from any advertising campaign.
  4. Sometimes the ad positioning, time band & Value additions play very important role in the success of any radio advertising campaign, so our media planners at Aduniverse Media LLP suggest our clients to pay some nominal premium to get best result from our radio advertising campaign.
  5. Aduniverse Media LLP is research driven company and RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) helps us in providing best solutions to our client’s unique radio advertising campaign. With the help of RAM we could suggest best radio channel which could reach to the target audience of our client perfectly. Or we could suggest the best part of the day which could target any specific kind of audience. Similarly RAM answers other kind of queries such as when do audience listen to radio, what kind of listeners each radio channel has, and the average time spent by a listener on a radio channel.




All Indian FM Radio Stations List

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